Bah hoo doray bah hoo doray,
Welcome Christmas, Christmas day….

Last night I danced with you in front of the Christmas tree. It was a beautiful moment, and that is all I have to say about it…..

Hanukkah starts in a few days. You were born on the first day of it last year. I looked up Hanukkah, and had to smile. I found out that during this time, Jews look at the light of Hanukkah. They fill their eyes with its light so that when it is over, they continue to see their lives in this special light. This light is described as the light of miracles. Christmas over the years has become a celebration of Light for me, so it was interesting to learn about Hanukkah, and interesting in ‘light’ (haha) of your fascination with light in general. It would appear you’ve been celebrating Hanukkah since birth, haha. You always look at the lightest area of the room. My dearest son, will you always see the light in your own life? Do you tend towards the brighter things? Is that part of your personality, to always gaze toward the light as a way of life? Are you filling your life and vision with light? Will you view your life as a miracle? I guess the next questions is, am I? Do I? Not always, not as often as I used to. Less and less at times it seems, if I speak honestly. Your slow development has really been upsetting to me since you turned one. Sometimes I feel like you’ll be infant-like forever. (NOT what I stinking meant by the song “forever young”… J) I guess you won’t, but its difficult to imagine and look ahead right now. I’ve been short on patience, and my personal reserves have run dry. Time to tap into the infinite reserves. These times sure present that opportunity J. And here I have to do surrender again… I lovey love you John!

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