You’re 9 weeks old now..

Had this dream last night: Grant and I were hanging out in a forest, running and playing. Mom and dad gave us a home, one of their many, for us to live in. It was right next to theirs. It was an A-frame, something I’ve always wanted. We got to observe the departing family. I seemed to want to feel sorry that they were leaving, but somehow, it seemed to be just fine. In the loft of this A-frame were seating areas, a family room, and a doorway to another room, which I thought was a bedroom. We seemed larger than the house, and it was as if we were looking into a doll house. Finally, we could move in. The walls were covered in dark paneling. The ceiling was really high, and as I looked up, I thought about how I’d have to hire someone to clean up there. Grant and I tried to get to the loft. No longer was it a seating area, but a bedroom. We seemed too big for it and I kept bumping my head on the ceiling. Grant went into a room off of the loft, which was a tiny cramped bedroom. He looked back at me, and we looked at each other, wondering what we’d gotten ourselves into by agreeing to live here. But I knew I could make the best of it, and just deal with things as needed. Didn’t know how Grant was feeling, but didn’t worry about it as he disappeared into the room.

There were shelves and shelves of clear glass jars lining the main room on the main floor, that stretched up so high. The previous folks had left a lot of stuff behind. I didn’t want any of it and realized I had a huge job on my hands to clean it out. At the back of the large room was a small sunken kitchen in aqua greeny blue colours, and another small hallway that led to yet another room, in light coloured tiles. There was a Jacuzzi in it, and a very old fashioned washing machine. I needed mom to come and show me how to use it. I knew she’d love it. The wash tub spilled over into another tub when in use, and seemed to separate the laundry itself.

Back in the large main room on the main floor, I looked through a doorway into another large room that looked like a library/office. At the back of that room was another bathroom with the coolest toilet. It looked like a green cast iron throne, very old, and in very good shape, with accessories and trim of gold. And then there was yet another doorway, that took me to a very large bedroom. I was so relieved I wasn’t going to have to sleep scrunched up in the loft. The house just seemed to get bigger all the time. And as it got bigger, it got lighter in colour. I went to Mom and dad’s for a bit, and when I got back to ours, it was no longer a dark wood colour, but a pale cream colour, and more a mansion than just an A-frame. The A-frame was still there, but obviously there was more to the house than we originally noticed.  And Grant was nowhere to be found.

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