Dearest Father in Heaven,

Thank you so much of honouring my perseverance through this difficult time.  As I write this, I realize that as I have persevered, so also do You.  As I do unto others, I guess…   I’m told we have to wait til death for our heavenly rewards, but Father, you have given me heaven on earth.  I don’t know what lays ahead, but my Beloved, heart in heart with you I go.  Onward and inward, all the way.

I can face anything now that I’ve found You within, found the butterfly within the caterpillar, the Kingdom of Heaven within my soul.  Thank you for this.  I cherish it and accept it with deep gratitude and promise to use it wisely.  If I get sidetracked, as can happen haha, I know you will remember to put me back on course.

It’s not been easy to persevere.  At the deepest, darkest point, my pit experience, I held on to your promises in faith and thanked you, amidst A LOT of sobbing, for this experience, trusting You that it would lead to something meaningful.  It was so hard to do, but I kept at it, repeating my thanks over and over and over, like a mantra.  Although I didn’t feel the emotion of gratitude in my heart, and it was only lip service to begin with, I was willing to be willing to feel it.  Gradually I was able to infuse true feelings into my gratitude and it became less difficult each time to give thanks.  I realize after time as passed, that giving thanks changed the direction of my thoughts from a downward spiral into darkness into an outflow of light from within.

Dear Father, I know not what lays ahead, and it is truly okay.  I trust You.  You show beyond a shadow of a doubt that Your ways are ultimately the best, even when the short term seems dismal.  But try and tell that to others who are in emotional anguish, eh?  It’s just one of those things you can gain by experience.  Ya know, I kinda feel like Disney’s Cinderella when she was thanking her fairy godmother for the tremendous gift of going to the ball.  Her gratitude is how I feel.  But I don’t need to tell you that!  Our Spirit lives and breathes as One (most times I hope!)

I love you, my Father, my Lord, my Hero, my Friend!