I’m watching you in your jolly jumper having a grand old time. You had one of your choking gag moments and I marvelled at how accustomed you become to them. You have the gag and are right back into happy moments. Most times they don’t seem to phase you anymore. I hope you can carry that throughout your life. It is a wonderful grace to be able to meet troubles calmly and move on when that moment is gone, rather than wallowing in misery by over-rotating the experience in my head (thanks Grant) after the fact. At that point, for me, I’m creating the ongoing misery, by continuing the fight in my head.

Sometimes circumstances can seem like a hook, trying to reel you into fear’s domain. The point is not to get hooked. Fear loves to ‘fish’ haha. Anyway, I wanted to tell you about you handling this so well. Way to go hun!



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