Today I gazed toward the sun and said, “speak to me of Father Creator’s Son.”  It replied,

“I am the Light of your world.  My radiance feeds creation.  It cannot exist without me.

Sometimes the brightness is concealed when the back of your world is turned, but I am always shining, ready to illuminate the countenance turned back to face me.

Sometimes My Light is diffused by clouds, but still I blaze as brightly as I was made to.

Even in the seeming darkness, My Light can be captured by the reflective hope of the dark rock in your sky, a reminder that my presence is always there, even when the back of your world is turned to me.

Tears of the firmament settle in melancholy mist, blanketing your world in fog after darkness.  But when once more the face of your world turns back to gaze at me, the mists melt away to reveal the glory and splendour, the dawning of a new day and hope.

I am the Light of your world, and I will always shine for you.”