Hey, little boo-boo! Today was a bit of an intense day. I was frightened for you today. Your movements seems different, or perhaps now that I have to monitor them, I’m nervous something might be wrong. I wonder if what’s happening is that as your body gets bigger, I feel all the gentle movements, in addition to stronger ones. But there are more gentle ones than strong ones, and that’s just not what I was expecting.

I saw your Uncle Steve off at the airport, as he returned to Japan, and a friend of his also came by. His friend and his wife had lost 5 babies in the womb. He zeroed in on the lack of movement, the gradual decrease, and that was it, I went into panic mode for a while, until I talked to Daddy about it and he helped dissipate the fear. One thing I said to Uncle Steve’s friend that I will say again here is that regardless of what happens, I will give thanks for every moment I have with you, including being pregnant. Part of me is afraid to become too attached to you, in case you’re taken away from me. But that can never happen. Your body may give out for whatever reason, but in a grander sense, we are one in God, and will always be there for each other.

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