Wow, been almost a month since I last wrote. You have another tooth coming through. I’ve been enjoying 2 cd’s of poems by Rumi and Tagore set to music. They speak of a love so passionate, so full of ecstasy, a love we all yearn form but seem unable to find, or if we do, are unable to sustain, unless both parties are moving as one, and are both Truth-Centred. You seem to like them. As the music begins, it seems to capture your attention. I guess you’ll hear them a lot, so I hope you like them.

Not much has changed in the last month. We’re headed back to Children’s for your sedated hearing test. Joy.

Found a pretty reddish orange and black feather walking through the forest today. Don’t know what type of bird it is though. The last one I found close to this was a cardinal feather on Grandpa Roadknight’s driveway, when we went to Toronto for his funeral. I knew that one was from him. Perhaps this one is too…

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