Also when higher beings choose to incarnate in a human form unusual things can take place. For instance, some of those newborn with an exceptionally high Soul frequency may have found that the contact between their high vibrations and the density of the physical body felt like an insurmountable obstacle, preventing them from incarnating completely. It seems certain that their choice to remain alive and with us is assumed and, even though these people probably will not be able to function fully in the society, their role is to hold and to channel the higher frequencies of their [the] Higher Christ Self, so we can benefit from their gift and their sacrifice. Their energy nurtures and supports our own ascension [transformation] toward brighter levels of [Christ’s] consciousness [expressed as agape love within us] ~ Marielle Croft, Certified Astrologer



Once upon a time, on the other side of forever, a souldier sat with his commander-in-chief in a garden of light, enjoying the final moments of coaching before he began his next assignment.  Gazing through the veil of the cosmos, they watched her.

The souldier, who was part of an interdimensional group called “Team Nonconformitosis”, had been with her for a long time, and although she’d felt a presence, and had a name, she had no idea what it meant. And absolutely no frickin’ idea that things were going to get wayyyy more intense, real soon.

He and his commander had been gently preparing her for his arrival by various appearances in her dreams, as a soul with which she had a very intimate connection.  She didn’t as yet understand the connection, but she understood enough that someone with a specific name was going to appear at some point in her life and be the teacher she sought.    She had no clue it would result in an intensely devastating boot camp that would take her to the very depths of surrender, in an attempt to cure her spiritual autism, that she didn’t even know she had. The dreams were a gift, for she would look back on these dreams down the road with extreme gratitude. They would help her remember the magic when life took a nose dive into hell, when life would seem like meaningless repetition going nowhere, sort of like the story of Sisyphus, pushing his rock up the hill every day, over and over and over and over again.

The souldier opened his training manual, called “Project Nonconformitosis” and read this excerpt from one of the pages:

Punch and kick your caregiver repeatedly every day, in the crotch if possible

Constantly resist or sabotage all efforts to be helped, with no regard for anyone’s physical, emotional or mental well being.

Fling backward and scream hysterically for every reason under the sun, for reasons no one will ever know.  Extra points for breaking their tooth or nose.

Scootch or flop into the most unlikely spots and grind your neck and head into it, unconcerned if it breaks your neck or not, and then get very angry at your caregiver about it.

Bang your rear end and lower back on the floor very hard, so much so that you shake the whole house.

Dare to be different.  Shove your fingers in your mouth and grunt like an animal in public places.

Others needs will not exist for you.

Be oblivious to the idea of obedience.

Push off others crotches with your feet to make your wheelchair go backward.  Even if they sit beside you, catch just enough skin off their leg and crush it between their chair and your foot, squealing with joy as your wheelchair flies backward again, as they yelp in pain.

Push every button they have.

None of this is done out of malice, but out of love and the joy of that moment.  You are just who you are, what you are, and incapable of comprehending their perceptions of life.  Those who don’t understand will call this delayed or dysfunctional, but from Truth’s perspective, you’re miles ahead for you cannot be mired by the illusions in life.

Smile the biggest most genuine and infectious smile you can.

Laugh with infectious trills, delightful glee and the innocence of a child all your life.

They will lose themselves in your gaze, lose their life as they know it, and will thank you for it one day, for the wrecking ball you took to their perceptions, so that LOVE could live…

Sighhhhhhh……….he would be soooo misunderstood by so many. The souldier paused and looked to his commander in bewilderment, who only smiled back. In silence they communed in heart, as ground zero drew nearer for the nervous little souldier and his oblivious mom-to-be. Soooooo misunderstood…..would anyone ever get it? Would people on earth understand his kind of “soul”ution that could mend a broken heart and restore it to Truth?

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