Last night I had a most amazing dream. I was floating on an ocean at the tops of mountains. There was snow and ice, but it wasn’t cold. It was very pretty, very pristine, majestic and beautiful. I was at a calm spot, in calm waters, glacier waters, yet still not cold. There was a glacier at the top of a peak. It was pointed out to me by someone, no idea who though. The glacier seemed to have a face. As I floated by it, I felt a motherly energy, like I was looking at “Momma’s” face. It was peaceful, serene, loving, comforting, reassuring and many, many other adjectives along a similar vein. I pointed it out to others there. “Can you see the face?” I kept asking. No, no one could see it. I couldn’t believe no one could see it, it was so obvious and clear and plain to me. We all drifted by this peak, and a warmth, tenderness and love followed me. I woke up and felt really, really good. I wanted to go back to sleep though and see it again.

I did go back to sleep, and did go back to this ocean, but this time there were waves as high as really big walls, all threatening to crash in on me and those with me. The waves never did crash in on us, and we floated up and over the tops. It was scary in an exciting way. After riding over the first few, I met the rest with anticipation and a sense of fun. I looked around at the others, floating in boats, and even in wheelchairs. No one was sinking. As I write this, a sense of childbirth comes to mind, as if it were a peek ahead into what was coming. Hmmm…

Anyway, back in this dream, I kept thinking of this peak with “Momma’s” face. I wanted to go back and have another look. So back I went. Yes, the face was there for me, but again, no one else could see it. As I continued to pass before this ‘face’, it seemed to open up. While it was daylight, through the opening a vast expanse of the starry universe opened up, reminiscent of another dream about stepping through a mystery into forever. I stared at it for a while, unsure of what to do. Then I woke up again, left with a strong sense that it was for me to pass through.

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