Quite simply put, it is a closed heart and mind to all of reality, that which we can see, and that which is beyond the limited frequency range permitted within our bodies…  You may think they’re open, but when it remains open in the face of your deepest fear, you have been healed.. I hope I’m a bit closer than I was before… :)

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, most of us are spiritually autistic in this world. Autistic individuals mirror this for us, by being unable to cope within the reality they are in, not having the sensory tools to process life at this level. Boy, ain’t that the truth for me…You interact with a world I cannot see, and when it has almost overlapped into my physical senses, I freak out, for I don’t possess the faculties, or perhaps haven’t developed them yet, to process that incoming data to my brain.