Its been a while since I wrote. You have a bit better trunk control. In fact, not a whole lot has changed for you since the last entry. But I quickly glanced at it as I was coming to the bottom to write more. I read what I was feeling back then. I’m the one who’s changed. Not to say that I don’t have moments now and then, but overall, there is a deeper acceptance and surrender to what is at this time.

My brother mentioned yesterday that he didn’t know if he could deal with a situation like this. He didn’t think he could ever have the grace. I’ve been thinking about it since. If one is willing to dive deeper into surrender, one taps into the grace I guess. But that holds true for any circumstance in anyone’s life that is not according to their perceptions, not just this particular one for just myself. I’d love to talk to him more about it. The deep pool of surrender seems dark, scary and unknown on the surface, like jumping into a bottomless black pit and you don’t know what’s in there. But once you jump, as you head deeper in, things get lighter and you find yourself in this beautiful calm pool. Hmmm, I wonder if that deep pool was initially the sticky goo that I am allowing myself now to be swallowed by… Anyway, I’m about to go off on a tangent. I know, so unlike me! (chortle chortle J ) I can’t put this into words. But it’s beautiful and I recommend it to everyone. It’s like another dream I had a while ago, where I parachuted into a “war zone”, where I saw the total annihilation of a town, with a focus on a mall. I was walking through the debris with someone, and a young man who’d been there through the destruction had told me it was so awesome and that he recommended it. Something like that anyway. Boy the symbolism in that one! Funny stuff.

Anyway, a lot of nonsense to say thanks for being in my life. May I be a servant of Truth to you in the way that you have been a servant of Truth to me. May I also be that to others. Thank you for the doors of opportunity that you’ve opened. May I have the grace to notice them and walk through.

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