seems to be a multi-layered process… It seems there is always more to wake up to.

At times I’ve thought I’d gotten it, and this was it, I’d found it!!!……only to come up against more walls…

But then that is the journey of the catepillar, who sheds many layers as it grows, each old skin unable to contain the influx of newfound “wine”.  That sense of “Ahhaaa!!!”, and the freedom and exhilaration contained within that experience, seems to be just the sense of expansion into a larger skin.  If there is more crap to deal with, more barriers, or whatever, you’ll be sure to feel like something is holding you back down the road.  That’s the expanded wall.

On the plus side, you get to have those moments of “Aha!” which are truly nice. :D

These are a few of those moments..

John 17:21 I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me.”