Dear Jesus,

Into your capable and loving arms I commit the spirit of Luthor. He is certainly going on to a better life. He was a good dog, no matter what happened in the end. Bottom line, it was our own faults. Dear Lord, use my guardian angel if necessary, to take him home to You. He is ever so loving and affectionate, and will be a wonderful companion for someone there. I did the best I could. We did our best, and now Lord Jesus, please take care of the rest. My work with him is done (or perhaps his with me is done!). See to it that he is not lonely or sad, please? I doubt he could be there. Thank you for Your love and the love of our Father. Thank you Father for your perfect working way.

Good-bye Luthor. I loved you as my own child. You were more than just a dog to me. You were my bud. You were a pal in times of loneliness and fear. You were what I needed during those difficult years on Simpson. You protected and befriended me. Do you, or can you ever understand what daddy and I had to do? Forgive me, my ever faithful puppy-pup, snoogly, snarfblast. You were so huggable, loveable, squooshy and cuddly. You craved the love and gave so much back, unconditionally and uncomplainingly. I hope I see you when I pass through death’s doorway. Maybe you could also be there to escort me. There will never be another Luthor, my dear and precious dog. Even if we have other dogs, you will always be a special one. Maybe too you could go with my angel and continue to protect me. Please worship the Father on my behalf up there. Bow low before Him once for me, okay? Oh Luthor, you were so full of love, unconditional, neverending love. Surely that will not be wasted!!! Surely if an animal can have so much love, there’s something special about it?!!

Take care, my dog! You have embarked (pun intended-teary smiles) on the next phase of your spiritual journey. Good-bye for now puppeee!! See ya when my turn comes!!

Forever and always,