Daddy and I were chatting about a neighbour boy and his potential, his interests.  It occurred to me that what would our culture be like if we could cultivate a child’s innate and inherent unique abilities.  What if society were in a position and so structured to follow the child’s flow, as opposed to conforming them to fit a box?….  Where every child had a one on one mentor as they grew up, in addition to parents?….What would it take to structure a culture into an economy driven by a currency of LOVE (rather than money), and a love of learning all that a new expression of Life brings with each soul born?

It would take the Truth.  It would take LOVE, the agape kind, that nurtures another’s best interests according to that individual’s flow, because the one mentoring is there already…that they can put aside their separate nature and join as one heart with the young one, knowing that it is a moot point anyway…because they already know that they are the One, and that they are nurturing themselves as they care for these young ones.  It is their cellfs doing for the ONESELF…because they know in their hearts this is what they are.   They would be having their life experiences that the Breath of Life had breathed in that body, and similar energies of children in bloom would naturally be drawn to similar expressions, drawn to that joy in the mentor’s heart, or perhaps the need of the heart….It would take a society that lives closer to the heart…(I love ‘…’s)

I gratefully thank you, Dearest John, for pushing me into this.  Maybe this structure already exists, for that is exactly what you have been to me… You are my mentor, who fearlessly guides me to a deeper interaction with LOVE, and therefore, at least for me, a deeper relationship to the Source of Creation.  You require to be served, and I have always loved to help others.  Haha, a perfect match for growth, hahahahahaha

But that’s just one woman’s opinion… :)