Well, I just read an article about designing embryos. It said that most people would screen for mental retardation or genetic defects. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/29478274/?GT1=43001

For those of us who have a mentally retarded child, if that is what you are, then we would deprive ourselves of a most rewarding and transformative experience. Nonconformitosis would cease to exist in our world I guess, :) . It is an experience that completely annihilates one’s world as they know it. It’s a life of servanthood and humility.  One must love to serve others to be happy in this role…or at least be willing to learn… This experience will remove any glamour of one’s perception of doing a good deed for another. I can see why folks would opt to not go through it. It’s the end of the world as I know it, at least for me. Any attempts to hold on to anything and I suffer greatly,  Just the way it is.  I accept it.  And in throwing everything away, I found nothing.  And in this nothing I found everything…

Just a parting thought, . . true sacrifice is not about self suppression. It’s more about surrendering the ideas of a separation and expanding into the ONE, loving others as Christ loved his disciples, and being One in the Father as was Jesus. Sacrifice actually doesn’t even really exist when you consider it in terms of Truth, for in the higher sense, “I am he as you are he, as you are me….” (Beatles) . Truth, do I even know what that is? It would appear not. So who am I to talk.

All right, all right, I’m coming laddie!

Ok, back… I gotta tell you about a dream last night. It was so funny. In my dream I was rushing through a narrow corridor and bumped up against the wall at the end, ran right into it. Then I woke up and coughed. I laughed so hard at the thought that in my dream I was my phlegm coming up the throat, and after I had my coughing fit, I had coughed out myself as the phlegm and was currently on the kitchen floor somewhere. It was very interesting to be a cough. I would never have thought consciousness could occupy a cough. Was it worth the experience? Guess so, it was quite a fun ride through the corridor I must say. :)

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