Well, as often happens, I never get to finish a thought in writing. So I’ll get to the point instead of rambling. This year something within me is different. It just kind of snuck up on me and as experiences presented themselves for an old conditioned reaction, something deep within responded very differently. The old way was still lurking, hoping for an inroad, but it soon kind of dissolved, as if it were never really there to begin with, and that only by my attention to it did it have life.

So there. the slightest shift, a non-event. “I” didn’t even see or feel it when it happened, something I had no role in, or did not make happen. But now I feel it in the after effects. I’m grateful. The fog is a little less dense.

Well, you’re crying again. You had a really bad night last night, so I’m coming babe!!!! Momma’s coming!!!!!………..

Seems I get a little catch up time here. One of the other things I wanted to talk about was your food changes. Seems you were highly sensitive to eggs, soy, all legumes, and poultry. Foods that you got (eggs and soy every day) fairly often. Boy, once that was stopped, you really seemed to take a new interest in your external environment. You’ve got way more strength in your stomach muscles. Now you can even lift your upper torso from laying on the bed to a sit up postion, with me holding your arms up and supporting them. Of course you immediately fling backward with glee or unglee, depending on your emotions in that moment. But its really neat to see you do that. There is still a weakness in your shoulder lower neck area. I bought a neck brace to try on you.

Well little boy, gotta run. I love you so very very (Infinity more very’s) much!

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