Rough night again last night. I went downhill when my plans for today went awry for reasons enough. Before bed, I really prayed for sustaining grace for today. I couldn’t face the day on my own. And today, things just went and I was carried. It was grace. But grace that felt like nothing. It was like. . . just . . . nothing. I was carried, but I didn’t carry myself. Boy, I sure can’t explain this AT ALL. I recognize it. This has happened many times before. Especially at my old sysadmin job, after a night of crazy fun. I had to surrender the day and I remember this being there and carrying me through. Never thought of it as this. I have to pause a moment John and thank Life for this remembrance. I have to go now honeybear. Sorry.

Hmm, It’s always been awake. And didn’t judge my actions. It just did Its’ thing when I gave It space to do so.

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