My beloved, thank you for guiding me to Ste Therese of Lisieux!  You have given me a piece of Heaven by making our introduction.  I carry the same torch for you.  Our love is one in the same, for as she, I abide in Love.  Love is my vocation, my calling, my reward.  Love is its own reward.  Reading about her life has validated my worth in heaven, to be just as I am.  It’s shown me that exactly who I am, deep, deep, deep, deep down inside makes Heaven happy!  I’ve spent most of my life trying to figure out what I should do with it, what my career should be.  I know now my path.  It matters not what I do, but how I be.  I’ve been so afraid to just be me, thinking I had to do something impressive with my work, at least impressive to people.  How could loving others like I love to love be a ‘career’?  It’s my heavenly career here on earth for the time being I guess.  Seeing myself reflected in the mirror of Ste Therese is Heaven saying “BE WHO YOU ARE ELIZABETH!  WHO YOU ARE IS WHAT WE WANT FOR YOU!  YOU ARE GIVING YOUR BEST, BEING YOUR BEST, DOING YOUR BEST BY BEING YOUR TRUE SELF, CHILD OF GOD!  LOVE CAN DO ANYTHING, BUT LOVE!  IT IS YOUR GIFT!  ABOVE ANYTHING ELSE, LOVE!  IT IS WHAT YOU DO BEST!  BE IT!  BE LOVE!  IT MATTERS NOT WHAT YOU DO, FOR WE WILL DO!  YOU JUST BE!  BE THE CHILD OF GOD THAT YOU ARE AND THE REST WILL FALL INTO PLACE!!!!”

Thank you