Dear Papa,

Walking my doggy this morning, ohhhhh…what a time!  What a lovely few moments!  As I walked, my eyes that see and ears that hear began to open.  I looked at the snow on the ground, and guess what!  I felt the Oneity! It was a recognition of Your Life Force, inherent in all things.   Your Spirit breathes life into me, and it is the same breath of creation that gives existence to snow.

Father, when you thought about creating snow, did You envision all the little sparkles? Did you picture the beauty of new fallen snow on a bright moonlit night?  As I pondered this further, it occurred to me that maybe if snow contained the same creative force as me, maybe it could tell me something about You also.

So Dear Father, what do you teach when You reveal Yourself as snow?  The snow spoke saying:

“Look at the expanse before you.  I am one covering, but many flakes, each an individual expression of being.  I also speak to the Oneity of this existence.  The many compose the whole, and the whole is comprised of the many.  I cover the grass and dirt, the live trees and dead trees.  I am not partial to where I lay my blanket down.”

Walking along I stopped thinking, and just wandered through the awe of this experience, absorbing the lesson into my heart with no analysis and no nothing, save the wonderment of a child.  At times it felt like my soul would shoot upward out of my body, in an unspeakable glorious ecstasy of being, leaving the form that drew a line through infinite Oneness in a heap on the ground.  Your Life, Your Spirit, was in each step I took no matter where these feet took me.

Thank you my dear Papa.. I love you!

Forever and always