Darling little Jessica,

I give thanks to our Father in Heaven, for your little light that shines.  With my heart, soul strength and mind, I trust this is part of His wonderful plan.

A sweet fragrance, a pleasing aroma to God you are.  Your soul is purity of life.  Unfettered by fear, untouched by pain, your spirit unmarred returns to the Father, as pure as the breath He exhaled.

Dear little angel, so very precious you are, that even before your earthly life began, your work in heaven was done, and the Father called you home.

Precious little lamb, while your parting grieves us so, it is but a down payment for happiness to come.  You are safe in the arms of the Father, and one day we will meet you there

For Jessica Ruth McGillivray

Born February 6, 1998

Died February 5, 1998