For Keith Green…

Your music touches my soul.
It is a frequency
that tunes my life to God.
Your music sings my song,
what my soul wants to express.
I cannot help but leave
the pains of my existence far behind
in the dust of my spirit’s wake.
My soul reaches out of my self
to touch the hand
of God the Father
and God the Son,
offered to me
as your music draws them near.
I inhale the spirit of your voice.
It delights our Father and Lord
that you create a channel
through which our spirits unite in love.
The medley of emotion,
your devotion, adoration, humbleness and passion
for the fullness of Christ
rivals those that are my own.
Your words are alive,
their spirit carrying me
to the presence of God,
where I am held,
cradled and embraced.
Thank you for desiring
to delight the Father,
and providing me a safety strap
that would ultimately pull me back
into a joyful reunion with our Lord.
I cannot wait to meet you!