13 weeks…

Sooo…, what’s it like inside me? Do my innerds poke at you? Can you feel my full bladder pressing on your body? Does it make you say, “uh, hello? Box that I am in? Do ya think you could ease the pressure a little bit?” Can you feel my food making its way through my system? Will you play punch and kick ball with my organs? I’m so excited, haha!

On a different note (Ding!), I’ve been pretty grumpy the last few days. Instead of fighting it, I finally admitted that I am really grumpy right now, and did something to change the energy. I’m listening to a cd called “Woodland Harp”. It’s serene, calming, tranquil, peaceful. I realize as I sit here mellowing, that I haven’t been visiting my world much lately. I have a secret garden that I like to go to. It has a small brook, birds that sing and perch on my shoulder or hand, as I walk a forest path. The path is lined with the most fragrant of flowers, and trees so tall, lush and green. You can smell the life, taste it in every breath. All of it twinkles and sparkles, radiating the life force. In my secret place, I even have ice skating paths through the forest. Oh so fun to glide through there to the sound of beautiful music! And the music I listen to that takes me there seems to be part of every facet of this world. It comes from everywhere, inside and outside me.

Can you hear the music? Can you hear the music of the spheres? Once in a while, in my dreams, I hear it. I guess its why I love this music. It feels like an echo, a stirring memory of something so beautiful, at a level so deep that I don’t know it’s a memory. I love this inner sanctuary and hope I remember to come to it often, when the pressures and ugliness in life get me down. It is a strengthening and nourishment. Join me there sometime, little one?

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