Precious Abba, Precious Friend,
You too, call me friend.

You shower me with love
that transcends all human understanding.

You are my Lover and my Friend.
Wrap your arms around me.
Cradle my head in your bosom.
Wipe my tears with a whisper of love.

Come to my room of silence and talk to me.
Enter my meditation.
Surround me with Your Presence
until we are One in a Holy Union.

Hold me.
Whisper to me in the stillness of our joining.
You are my true soul mate.

Walk hand in hand with me where’er I go.
Let my eyes only ever see You
and how I may serve You in life.

Thank You for Your everlasting mercies and goodness.

Thank you for letting me into the holiest realm
of friendship with You.

I will magnify You.

Our union will reflect off the mirror of soul
into friendship with others.

I will radiate Your Being,
for without You I am nothing.