My seester’s (braised, che che , eeee…only she will get that J) cat disappeared 6 weeks ago. Tonight she got a phone call from the vet, the only vet she’d put a missing cat notice up about, that a cat matching that description had been found and brought in for help. It had been hit by a car, and someone saw it laying on the side of the road, and saw that she was alive, and managed to get her into his own car and to the vet, after he had to chase her through wild blackberry bush. Where she was picked up was quite far from where she lived. We figure she must have jumped into an open van and didn’t get out before the van left, and was making her way home. She had injuries, mainly to one eye, but she would be fine. It was a complete miracle! Considering where my sister lives, and where her cat was found…..and considering she’d not been eaten by a coyote…..and considering that someone would take the time to get this cat to the vet…..and considering that the vet the man took it to was the only vet where there was a missing cat poster….and that the cat hadn’t been more seriously wounded…is truly a miracle. It gives me hope. Miracles do happen. Maybe you will never need to be reminded of that, but I sure do from time to time. This is one I will always go back to when I need that kind of encouragement!

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