Hi ya booboo! Doc sent me for a non-stress test at the hospital today. That’s where they monitor the movements. You’ve been fairly quiet the last 36 hours. You seem to have a few busy days, then a couple of quiet ones. Today was day 2 of the quieter ones, so Doc sent me off to be checked, for peace of mind. You were pretty quiet through the test. They didn’t seem pleased by what they were seeing, so they asked me to come back tomorrow. No alarm signals or anything they said, they just want to be sure. Are you quiet than most babies I guess? You are certainly calm. Daddy was alarmed cuz he thought I’d been keeping info from him. And of course, tonight you made a liar out of me, as I counted your movements for 20 minutes. You were really active tonight. Thank you love, I really appreciate it. Are you trying to reassure me all is well?

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