Beloved Jesus,

How my spirit leaps for joy at the thought of your name in my heart.  My being is flooded with indescribable love and wonder.  You, the saviour of this ever expanding universe really actually know me personally.  At times I’ve wondered how you could be in so many places at once when so many call on or talk with you every moment of every day.  I feel selfish when I call on you so frequently, figuring there’s probably someone else who needs you more than i.  I felt like I was hogging all your time.  Bit you don’t work in time, do you?  So I won’t worry about wasting yours, or keeping you from something more important.  Worrying so keeps my spirit weighted locked to the chains of the fears of guilt, unworthiness and selfishness.  Somehow you have a way to do this.  I don’t have to know the inner workings of it all.  You are enough.  I trust everything you say.  Faith in you is far simpler than trying to know it all.  But you share little gems from time to time.  For me faith in you is the simplest way to go.  It sure didn’t seem like it at first.  But I hung in and persevered, through the really dark moments when I sobbed in utter despair, yet thanked you for whatever it was you were doing, even if I couldn’t imagine anything wonderful.  Gradually the weights I have carried began to drop and all that remains is an incredible lightness of being.  Thank you Jesus, for lightening my load.