Radiation…Fukushima is emitting it, all the leftover radiation from all the nuclear testing and use, all the leaking plants, and who honestly knows what eles…the sun..the ems..

I’m told radiation changes things at a cellular level.  In a world immersed in fear, what do those molecular changes manifest as?  If fear is a distortion of Truth as I read about, is all the disease, anger and frustration that we see each and every day in our own lives, as well as projected through tv, books,  and movies just a manifestation of that energetic distortion?

In a world immersed in True Love, what would those cellular changes look like?  If the people in this world resonated with the frequency of agape love, rather than the frequency of fear, what would that look like?  I’d like to find out..at least in one woman’s little world… :D  Maybe I can unlock my wings :)

I can see the sparkles in the mud now… :)