Had a really neat dream last night. I was laying on my bed on my back, looking up. A being appeared in my peripheral, above me. It gradually drifted toward me, its hands and arms extended. It was quite dull in appearance, perhaps shielding its brilliance for my sake. I was afraid to look in its face, so I focused on the hands and arms instead. I lifted my hands up and started moving them towards the other’s hands. The image was very fluttery, wispy, spirit, floaty…As my hand went through their’s, I could feel a change in sensation. It became stronger and was a slightly warm, tingly, prickly feel. I just played like that for a bit, and then you woke me up. I watched you playing with the hanging chime toy and realized it was just like that for me. I had been doing the same sort of thing, except within my dream. Interesting…..

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