Dear Father,

A very special thing happened last night. Grant emailed me telling him of Luthor’s communication to him. I cried, reading it. I had found a few stray dog hairs of Luthor’s and held them in my fingers with one hand. I brought them to the palm of my other hand. Boy was the energy ever strong! My hand felt like it was pushing against jello. Images of Luthor became so real and alive in my mind, like he was there, right here, that I was overwhelmed with emotion. I cried tears of happiness and joy.

After that, after Grant’s dream and closure, I began contemplating for the day. I realized the stronger the love, the stronger the energy and maybe that love is the fuel that not only propels this energy vehicle, but steers the wheel of thought in the right direction. I have been afraid to accept the idea that our loved ones are closer to us in death because it was just too good to be true. It was a great wish, but real? I’m not afraid anymore. I would hate to think I were holding anyone back, but if it were me in their shoes, if I could spiritually help a loved one, even while I was physically dead, I’d do it! Our love would bond me to them. I would stay as long as necessary and then move on.

Dec 1997

These are Grant’s words exactly:

Some things just can’t be explained, only appreciated.


Dedicated to Luthor - the best friend God could offer to physically represent himself.

‘And when God threw man out of Eden for his wickedness he separated man from animal, for the animal was man’s closest link to all creation and God himself. He created a great chasm in the spiritual realm with man on one side and animal on the other. Just before the chasm was opened, God paused, and while the animals ran to the wilds in fear, the dogs ran to man’s side, forever to be bonded physically and spiritually with man’

(Last chapter - The awakening)

As I stared into the misty darkness my own selfish fears arose and overtook my logical curiousity and I shrank into a cower some ball closing my eyes. I could hear it, breathing and pounding the ground, coming towards me. I dared not open my eyes for the fears within me overwhelmed me. Then it all stopped and for what seemed like an eternity I shivered in my fetal recline. When I finally found enough courage to open my eyes, I started to cry, it was what I had dreamed and hope of for so long. Luthor was there looking at me, perplexed by my emotional state. He was about 10 feet away and started to approach as if he was afraid but curious. Then I smiled through my tears and he bounded as quick as he could headlong, barreling me over and licking my face as if I had never lost him, and my heart was filled with a love which is unexplainable and not understood by those who have never experienced it. God had brought him back to me for a reason known to God and I, to renew my love to all creation, through an animal which had always given me unconditional, unrelenting love. An animal that in fact was a part of God himself, a true faithful friend that I had let down but somehow still retained a love for me stronger than anything I could explain in mere words. It was God and he loved me no matter what I had done.