Beside the river, within the forest and flowers blowing lightly in the breeze, the Holy Spirit caresses my heart with Its Gentle Breath upon the wind, bestowing kisses upon my being.  It massages my soul with the rippling water and speaks to all creation.  Nature responds in unique song, each according to their kind.  Together it is a symphony played for God, conducted by His Spirit’s roaming whispers.  I am its audience and participant.

It is here that I meet the Beloved, and we share each other’s heart.  O what wonders Love can conceive.  It is all that I can believe.  Beauty and harmony as such cannot be found in another, but in the heart I share with the Lord it abounds.  You are all that I can imagine, yet even more than this:  “Earthmaker, Singer and Invader be the substance of Infinity” (Calvin Miller - The Singer Trilogy)

You alone possess the key, opening the door to eternity, where with you I can be…..

…..May I learn to recognize You by Your Inner Beauty, by that which is perceived with the senses of my heart.  May I know You so intimately, that I recognize You in another, and bestow upon them the Love due You.

Matthew 25:40 “In as much as you do it to the least of my brethren, you do it unto me