Master Kuulkat

Once upon a time, an unknown Master of old, known to his friends as MK, sat in his garden surrounded by flowers.  He loved to sit in the middle of them, as if he were a flower himself.  He was watching one friend in particular, one he hadn’t been with for a while.  She was stuck in a looping program of illusion and he wanted to help her out.   He enjoyed the immense freedom of where he was, and to help her he would have to temporarily confine himself to one expression, forgetting his true nature to do confinement within a physical body.    So he decided to go back to earth for a short spell, this time has her cat.

And so it was…..

Dear Fred,

You came into my life and it seemed as if you knew you were home from the first moment I held you.

You were not an indoor cat.  I truly believe you would have chewed a hole in the wall to get outside, but only after you first destroyed everything in the house to try and get your point across.  And so we let you go, throwing your fate to the powers that be.  You would not do confinement.  Not no way, not no how!!  You wanted the freedom of the infinite outdoors regardless of the dangers it presented.  You needed to be true to your nature as a cat, regardless of the cost, by living what you were, expressing its fullest potential.  And because of this you were truly happy and content.  I’d rather you had 3 fulfilling years than 15 or 20 miserable ones for our sake.  Did you love freedom so much that it extended beyond the confinements of a physical body, taking you away sooner than later?

I must say, you really seemed to love the garden.  You had a knack for sitting in the most photogenic spots, peeking out from amongst all the flowers.  I have so many great pictures.  Thank you for those.

You were independent, yet you poured out an infinite supply of love in those wonderful purrs. But you were not so independent that you forgot connection to family. You understood me and were able to make yourself understood.

You were like a good friend, and I will miss you following me around the house and yard, just hangin’ close by. I will miss how you used to comfort me when I cried. I will miss photo ops of you tucked away in flowerbeds. I will miss you at night when you no longer wake us up at sunrise to go out. Well, maybe I won’t miss that. But I will miss you looking for just that perfect spot on the bed, snuggling into all my body crevices and bends, purring and purring and purring and purring. Just one wee hint of a touch, even my mere thought of it, started your motors going strong. You loved to purr. Just loved it. I mean, really really loved it. You loved to be loved and gave such purring love in return, even to the vet on your deathbed.

I miss you, Fred. Thank you for letting me know this was going to happen, so I could say good-bye and love you that much more before it was over. Your death gives me my 1st opportunity to put some theories into practice. Thanks for the lessons you brought, of freedom, of unconditional love without attachment, and the fullest expression of one’s being, being true to your truest nature regardless of the cost, not to mention the illusory nature of the body. Oh yes, the healing. I’ve got your ashes now. I’ve never kept ashes before. This lesson continues. . .and perhaps that is our connection for the time being. I know we are a part of each other because of One-ity.

Thank you for making it home to say good bye. I have no doubt we’ll meet again.

……..Back nestled in his garden, MK again watched his friend, quietly reflecting on those last few hours. He was genuinely sorry to have to go so soon, but it was time. It had been a good time. Watching her adjust to life without Fred now was touching. She did get it a bit more this time round.

She had opened the door that night to let him out, but he didn’t scoot out like usual. He hesitated, knowing this was the night, unsure he wanted to go through with this, and then, surrendering to what he knew to be true, slowly went out to meet destiny. At night he liked to hang out around a street that was extremely busy during the day, but fairly empty at 3:30am. He wondered if destiny might change its mind. But then he saw it, a sight so familiar and welcome he ran to greet it and jump into its arms. And there was the car, right on schedule. Smmack!!!!

He always marveled at the workings of Oneity, even though he’d seen it in action a very long time. It never ceased to awe him, this Life Force some called God. After he was hit, he ran into some driveway just off that road and lay there hidden, his little body in shock and starting to give out. Some time later, how long he didn’t know, he heard her calling his name. She was looking for him with one of the dogs. Good. Someone had found the collar. He’d wondered what had happened to it. But she didn’t find him and headed back home. He lifted his heart in prayer for the grace to make it back to her. He wanted to see her one more time, say goodbye, and leave a parting gift.

Once home, she whisked him to the vet. It was good to be in her arms again. Although he knew he was badly hurt, and the decision that she would make, he relaxed, cuddled safe in her arm one last time, beginning his rest in peace. She and the vet lovingly caressed him with their hands and he just had to purr one more time to say ‘I love you. Thank you for taking care of me.’ as he always had before. Then she disappeared for a few minutes. When she reappeared, she whispered to him what was going to happen. All of a sudden, it appeared again just over her shoulder. It was that same presence he’d been running to greet when he’d been hit. He meowed really loud and expressively. This comforting presence stayed with them while they had their good byes. He kept looking at it, over her shoulder. He didn’t think she knew it was there, but knew he had to go with it, and tried to tell her with another big meow. She didn’t understand right away, but he knew she would in time.

His head slowly began to sink, his eyes now staring through her. He was actually out of his cat body even before the doctor gave it the needle. He stayed a few moments with her. She cried and cried, even though she understood the game of life. She was soooo grateful he’d made it back, so she could hold his cat body once more, and be with it when it died. It was a healing event for many reasons. When it was time to go, he held her hands and gave them a huuuuuuuuuge squeeze. She felt it.

But would she understand the gift he gave?