Beloved ABBA,

I stand at the edge of a great chasm within my soul, looking across to You  Searching your divine nature created a void in my innermost being.  You nurtured and taught me, showering gifts from heaven.  Yet in the wonder of our friendship, there flickered a spark of haunting despair.  Fueled by insecurity, the spark ignited, burning out the chasm I stand before today.  But your tender gracious and loving way gently turned my heart around to look back and remember.  To truly love You is to love others, to love is to be loved and the infinite nature of your Love cannot be contained within a single vessel.

Our beloved Jesus will close the chasm.  He will reinforce our souls bond by weaving them together with others.  He will elevate our relationship to an even deep dimension of love.  Teach me to love and be loved.  In all my endeavours, may I only see them as loving you.