Boy, you sure are cute! I came home from Nana and Grandpa’s and you were already in bed. I went to look at you and you woke up, saw me, smiled and laughed, and went right back to sleep. Before I went to bed, I came into your room again, and you did the same thing. Thank you John, for your sunny disposition. Thank you for being such a cheery boy. I dreamt that you were a happy child, a happy boy, even before you were born.

I really missed you today. Daddy stayed home while you “recrouperated” and I had Easter dinner with my family. It’s been a while since I could carry on hour long conversations. Well, Happy Easter my son! May Truth be the cornerstone of your life! I love you dearly, Johnjohn, my beloved little bo-bear! I love you very very (infinity more very’s) much!!

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