Beloved Creator and Source,

Thank you for allowing me to exhaust my perception of love on earth, so that I could discover the Perfect Love of Heaven, in which there is no opposite.

Becoming disillusioned of my own doing, I lost sight of Love’s true origin.  It certainly is a need pressed upon our being isn’t it? That much is evident by all the songs and poetry devoted to its longing and fulfillment.  Seeking this externally, from others as imperfect as I, resulted in a deep discouragement with life.  I guess, my Truest Soul Mate, that I have been trying to squeeze orange juice from elephants.

Love’s origin is You.  You authored it, planting its seed within my heart.  It’s Yours to begin with.  You never intended that I find it within another, not this kind of Love.  Tapping into something this all encompassing is not to be found within the confines of separation alone, for that can so easily be turned into hate.

Dearest and Beloved, I no longer deny my hunger for this kind of Love.  My longing comes from You, and I can never give up on it.  I’ve been fashioned to experience Your indescribable ecstasies, and so I allow my perception of Love to be changed.  I am Your child and I truly delight in You.  I’m home at last, and my soul finds rest in You alone…

…Loves fulfillment is You.  It was brought to life in Christ and now I return it to You through the living presence of Christ in my life.  Jesus sparked the flame and keeps it burning bright in my heart, where You reside.

And WOW!!! What results!! You shower love and grace from within, and the overflow pours out into the lives of others, for Your Love is too great to be contained within a single vessel.  And instead of living life from the outside in, I can begin to live it from the inside out!

My expectation has also changed.  Opening to this outflow of Love from Its true source, rather than from my stagnant pool of fear and emptiness, has left me free to give to others freely and unconditionally.  There is no longer a need for reciprocation, for the River of Your Love and Life in me constantly replenishes my soul.

I now know the only person I can change is myself.  Dearest and Beloved, my soul has been set free by releasing others from filling a void only You can satisfy.  Some will still bring deep and divine love into my life, sometimes a little sometimes a lot, but You, only You, can fill this deep well within.

Thank You so much for Your Living Water that will always quench the thirst of my soul.  Truly, “Blessed are those whose strength is in You”.  Psalm 84:5