15-16 weeks

You seem to be waking me up around 4:00 most days. It’s when the birds start their singing, and daylight begins to creep up the horizon, dispelling the darkness. Meditating for a while, we feel back asleep around 5, 5:30. I had this wonderful, amazing dream of an eagle. I was sitting in my grandparent’s living room in White Rock, with Daddy, in front of their huge front window. A large bird came and landed on a tall telephone pole. I thought it looked like an eagle, but wasn’t sure as the colouring didn’t match either a baldie or golden. It turned its head and I could see its huge beak. It was a very large eagle beak, and seemed to stick out farther than what I’ve normally seen. The tail feathers were white, and the head was white, but the body was white with really, really pale brownish spots, almost unnoticeable, very faded so that it was almost white. I excitedly told daddy, and when I spoke, the eagle flew down to the window and sat on the edge. I was soooo excited. I went outside, hoping it wouldn’t fly away. It didn’t. I held my hand out to see if it would feed out of my hand. I realized at that moment that I had no protection on my arm or hand and that its beak or talons could rip them to shreds. But I kept my hand and arm up, and sent goodwill, friendship and love to it. It landed and perched on my forearm. It put something in my hand. Can’t remember for sure if it was its beak or one of its feet, but somehow how the beak seems to be the image at the forefront. Whatever it was that it put into my hand, I held it with that hand, and put my other one over it, and shared a moment of love with it. And then my excitement got the better of me and the scene changed.

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