Well, almost 22 months old….

I saw an article about a 22 month old boy waterskiing. I cannot conceive of that. You are soooo not there that its hard for me to think of you close to that age. I see you as about a 6 month old.

We tried the drive-in on Sunday. HAH!!!! We had to leave before the movies even began. Thanks at least for going ballistic before the shows began, so we could get our money back. Guess drive-in experiences are not in the cards for us as a family event…. It really upset daddy. He was ready to cancel our upcoming vacation for fear of 5 days of the same thing. You rarely settle in a strange place past bed time. And there seems to be no comfort or reassurance we can offer. That’s a really hard one, for we really want to. Siiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhh, I wonder if God or the angels feel that way with me sometimes…..

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