What an interesting day. I can really feel a current running through me, like a river that moves and remains just as it is no matter what one tries to pinpoint. Is it Grace? 

Ugh, what a toss up. It’s either experience this, or write about it. I can’t do both, yet I can. I don’t feel like I want to write about it. It’s shutting down as I write. Don’t like that as much anymore. All I’ll say is that I’m so grateful for something that feels different inside when it comes to getting things done. I’ve always tried to live my tomorrows yesterday. Now I get it that there’s nothing to be missed. It’s all being experienced, right here, right now, absolutely everything. Not through a single pinpoint of awareness, but as the whole Truth itself. The next moment holds no more or no less than the one that past or vice versa. I know everyone says this, but you really cannot express this. I can feel thoughts and insights all biting at the bit to jump in and run with this. They’re revving their engines, like hot rods about to start a race, but this time, I think I’ll just walk on by and smile and wave. Dearest Johnny, again I say it, and I will for the rest of my life, Thank You. You, the Lord, Adya and Mukti. Man, you’ve been killer!! You completely derailed me, completely took the fascination out of me for me and Adya and Mukti’s teachings have helped explain what is occurring. They’ve been your voice I guess, to explain the demolition experience you’ve brought with you. Many years ago, I had a dream about “Shrek” decapitating my home where the building met the foundation. I guess he was Truth’s experience to clear all the subsequent miscreations that were offshoots of illusion gone awry J. Now you’ve destroyed even my foundation. There’s nothing left. Thank you for backing me into a corner, so that there was nowhere else to turn. Thank you for eliminating options.

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