As a baby, you slept in the Buddha position, just like the photo above.  It always intrigued me.  While this did not continue, I have quietly watched your feet over the years (shown below), and pondered how one of your feet seemed more “normally” positioned, while the other remained steadfastly turned inward.  It felt like you had one foot in this world, and one not…one that conformed, one that didn’t…2 worlds colliding…


And then, within the past year or two, there’s the way you’ve been crossing one leg in a lotus position and the other sits in a more typical position…


It seems very much a testament to your character.  While you are certainly in this physical dimension, half of your isn’t…and its like you are conscious in both halves, instead of asleep at the wheel like the rest of us…  It is inspiration to me, while I am here in this world, to always keep part of myself in touch with the truth that is within me..

I have wondered, prior to your presence in my life, what it would be like to have a child who could not be mired by life’s illusions… I guess I have my answer… :), and ohhhh, the i-run-neeee…. :)