Well, we had your 2nd EEG today. We’ll get the results in a week or so. You were sedated this time, so it went more smoothly this time. You weren’t in hysterics, but comfortably sleeping, which isn’t really the greatest for this kind of test of seizure activity. Oh well…

It’s midnight, and I just checked on you. You were giggling away in your sleep. I went in to cover you up again, and you were rolling around laughing. I couldn’t tell if you were still sleeping or not at that point, and you were doing what I think is your hungry thing, so I heated you up a bottle. But things went quiet. Boy, do you ever have lonnnnnnnnnnnng eyelashes. I was looking at them while you were sedated. And you are really funny. This laughter in bed tonight had me chuckling as I watched you. You’ve been laughing in your sleep since birth. I’m glad you are happy in your sleep, although sometimes you wake up screaming.

You sure love your musical toys in your high chair. And you have a babysitter now. Auntie Jeanine watches you Wednesdays and Fridays for 3 hours at a time. You seem to love it there. She loves to do your therapies with you, and her daughter Lisa sings to you with her cds. Jeanine also says you are mesmerized by music. I saw you beat the drum at Ashley’s. He says you are responding well. And the walker seems to be helping too. It seems to inspire you to hold your head up.

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